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Welcome to my personal site!

This, you might say, is my base of operations. My site is largely for posting basic information about myself, including a brief bio, poems and stories I've written (and perhaps some songs and arrangements I've written, soon to come), a collection of notes I've typed up/amassed during high school, a bunch of pictures (all from high school, none from Penn up yet), and a few websites I've worked on. If you've got any suggestions for what else to put up, please email me (agilder AT aol DOT com)!

Update: Unfortunately, the web hosting service I used to use went out of business so I lost everything that was on my old website. I've recreated what I could - most of my notes I still had on my computer, but some of the other stuff I couldn't find. Whatever works, works, and what doesn't, sorry 'bout that. Also, the photo gallery is completely gone - I still have all the Flatbush photos on my computer if you find it particularly pressing, but I don't have time to sit and upload everything all over again.

I'm also toying with completely redoing my site eventually and give it a more professional look and feel...if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to email me.