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About Me

Well, for those of you who couldn't guess, I'm Ari Gilder. I'm a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania (majoring in Computer Science & Engineering, minoring in Music), and I went to Yeshivah of Flatbush for high school. A lot of things you can find on this site are collection of notes and review pages that I sometimes write up, as well as a photo gallery dedicated to the students of Flatbush. Some of the extracurricular activities I was involved in at Flatbush:

This past year at Penn, I took part of a bunch of other activities as well:

As you can see, my interests are quite eclectic. Though I'm mainly a math & science person, I do enjoy the arts, especially music and creative writing. I play clarinet, and am sort of learning violin and piano on-and-off. I'm on TheFaceBook.com - here is my profile, if you have a Facebook account.

I used to serve Internet Officer (as well as 5th in command) of the Emperor's Hammer Star Wars Organization, which is by far the largest online Star Wars gaming club (around 5000 members). My duties included maintaining daily internet operations and overseeing the creation of new websites. I've also run a competition, known as Project Hawkeye, which was a very detailed and intricately woven plot-based set of missions that were to be accomplished by participants. The Project's success was enormous, and we intend to run a second episode some time soon hopefully. You can see more sites I've done for the EH, or check out the Internet Office site under the "Sites" or "Links" pages. I am now affiliated with the EH primarily in an advisory role.

My biggest interests are Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Don't be surprised if I can quote you entire scenes from any of those movies. I also spend a lot of time programming sites in PHP, a web programming language. I enjoy classical music but my taste in music varies greatly, and you can see my current Winamp playlist here.