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Just One Step

A vast desert awaits them,
Unfathomable multitudes
Dressed in white and gold.
A desiccated steppe
From which there is no return,
And to which there is no bounds.
Its sand sears their bare feet
As they hobble across, alone.
Off in the distance they can hear
Intermittent cries of despair
And rhythmic sobs of pain.
It is a perilous expedition,
One they all must endure,
For no indulgence is priceless.
Whirlwinds of tempestuous fire
And torrents of unquenchable flame
Prevent them from retreating,
And they mindlessly proceed,
Unbeknownst to them
Of the fiery tortured souls,
The infernal pit, the nethermost abyss,
The lakes of fire and brimstone,
And the throne of darkness.
They began this stygian journey,
With just one step into the desert.

-Ari Gilder, 11/4/01

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