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War of the Ages

Out do the trumpets blow!
Out doth the herald cry!
"Prepare yourselves to meet the foe!
War is upon us, the battle is nigh!"
Out from the towers do they pour
Hoardes of archers and knights,
All of them outfitting for war.
"Lo, the enemy is in our sights!"
Shouts the watchman aloud.
Off to their stations the archers go
With their quivers and bows endowed.
In agony and pain, sorrow and woe,
Do knights march into the field.
For they know their impending doom;
They shall be injured and never healed.
Towering above them does death loom
But valiantly they duel and fight.
None of them can change their fate,
Hence do none of them run in fright.
In infamy shall be remembered this date;
Many are dead, too much blood is spilled,
But their bravery shall not be ignored.
None in vain shall have been killed
For their king have they all taken the sword.

Ari Gilder

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