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King of Nothing

They say he lives in the streets of the city.
They say he's kind but he isn't too pretty.
He's got no family to come home to
Doesn't even have a home, it's true.

He's a king of nothing
He hopes to catch on to an angel's wing.
But who will he turn to?
My friend, one day, it just might be you!

The dumpster is his pot of gold
Takes any food, even if it's old.
Because one man's junk is another's treasure
One man's pain is another's pleasure.

He's a king of nothing
He dreams he hears his death chime ring.
He wants to live but doesn't know how to
My friend, one day, it might be up to you!

His kingdom is a pile of trash
The junkyard is his secret stash.
But what's he got when he's got that only?
He's got just nothing, he's so lonely.

He's a king of nothing
And that's why this song he must sing!

Ari Gilder

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